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BJM Conference 2019

Defining Normal Birth in the 21st Century

We got the chance to speak at the 17th National Conference for Current Issues in Midwifery: Defining normal birth in the 21st Century, that took place on Wednesday 13th February 2019. The event provided us with the opportunity to hear from experts in maternity care and women’s health and to network with a diverse range of colleagues.

Normal birth through the lens of a user: Normal birth, what dose normal mean when you are birthing a baby? Maha Alomari spoke on behalf of City of Sanctuary Maternity Stream, looking at the new normal of Better Births and how the maternity experience going forward should be safe and personal for all. Alomari shared her recent experience in ‘normal’ birth. She shared what made her experience positive, with over 100 guests attended the conference including midwives and university professors.

We have had some lovely tweets that we would like to share: