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Malhamdale Maternity Stream Weekend

On the weekend of the 4th-6th October 2019, the Maternity Stream was invited by the the community of Malhamdale, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, to spend a lovely weekend away. For the fifth time, mums and children had the opportunity to stay with local people who hosted and welcomed them. Thirty two women and children participated in Malhamdale’s fifth hosting weekend.





Saturday, some of the group walked from Malham Tarn through the Watloes and Malham Cove into the village of Malham (4 miles walk), a fantastic walk and stunning views. It was both a chance to chat to one another and to relax in the beauty of nature.



Those who didn’t go on the walk stayed at the Malham Tarn for different activities. Younger children took part in a range of craft and outdoor activities.


After that we returned to our hosts to prepare for the evenings’ entertainment which included food, singing and lots of dancing.


On the Sunday morning we were invited to join the church service at St Michaels in Kirkby Malham, where we talked about our experiences as asylum seekers and refugees. Rose talked about the hostile environment that asylum seekers and refugees have to live through in the UK which leads to worries about the 4D’s that hang over their heads, that is Dispersal, Destitution, Detention and Deportation. In Malham however, instead of the 4D’s they found the 4F’s that is Friends, Family, Food and Fun. Maha, who attended a church service for the first time ever, explained that even though we come from different countries and have different stories we all have one thing in common and that is we miss our families, yet we have found new families in Malham

The weekend concluded with a final meal at Airton Quaker Meeting House and lots of goodbyes.


Overall, everyone had a delightful day and were very pleased with the hospitality and warmth the local people welcomed us with. Thanks to everyone involved, Judy Rogers, Rosie Russell-Cohen, People and the DALES, the Quaker House and the kind people of Malhamdale.